I am always looking at what the best agencies and designers are dishing out for inspiration. So I thought I’d put together a list of my absolute favorites. Enjoy!


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1) Big Fan Agencyview site →
My all time favorite. Everything they do I love. Their work tends to have a simple and wholesome feel to it, and everything they touch is expertly balanced down to the very last pixel. I’m kind of their #1 fanboy, and I’m pleased to say that they actually follow me back on Instagram. NBD.

2) Urban Influenceview site →
Their case studies are elaborate, fun, and just plain impressive. The Urban Influence headquarters located in Seattle Washington is something like a Disney World for designers. It’s no wonder they put out such great work.

3) Focus Labsview site →
With an extensive portfolio ranging from logos to apps, these guys have done a little bit of everything. They also have one of the most popular Dribbble accounts: https://dribbble.com/focuslab

4) Jessica Hischeview site →
Do you like calligraphy and fancy typography? Well I do. Jessica Hische is like the “Steph Curry” of custom lettering and the unanimous MVP of this craft.

5) Gretelview site →
This New York City based agency has worked with a few brands you may have heard of before like Google, Citi Bank and Netflix. They are also responsible for my favorite re-brand of all time: Netflix. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive, well thought out, and successful re-brand of a major company. It is the complete opposite of the absolute WORST re-brand of all time: Uber. (Summed up perfect by @JustinJBariso on INC.com)


BONUS – Theory 11view site →
Ok, so they’re not actual a design agency – they just sell the world’s finest playing cards. I have always been a huge fan and would rather frame their cards than play with them.